I’ve been trying to grow dreads for a few months.  Apparently they are supposed to take well.  Why the Hell wont mine?  I’ve tried everything but they just curl up.  I have rolled them, clipped them used a hook to weave it in.  I still look like a half demented wannabe.  Astrid came and started them for me and explained what to do.  My daughter managed to get them naturally, the only effort she made was not brushing her hair.  Can you have duff hair?  With a band on they do look half decent but they aren’t really.

dscf0294 dscf0296dscf0295

So can anyone tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong here?

Hot Hot Hot

Today Adelaide was the hottest place in Australia, it was up to 42 degrees.  After pushing the hospital to give me Anti D for an antenatal and seeing a new client I drove back to the hills to get the family.  My birth on Monday was with a woman who lives at the beach, so we made it a family affair.  Being Welsh I can never quite get the feeling I’m on holiday at a Greek island out of my head.  It was still well over 30deg after dark.  These are the times when I know why we moved to Australia.


Jeremy, Rex,Spike, Honey and Lilly who are living with us at the moment.

dscf0277 dscf02851

I intend to blog about my dreads and the progress in making them.  I had a bit of a set back today however when Lilly asked Honey why I had string in my hair and how do you get it out?    Progress hasn’t been quick I know but all the same I like to think they look ok!!!

The balls

The thing I hate about new blogs is, I’m a technical idiot and I have to keep asking Jeremy how to do stuff.   He seems to know it just to spite me.  He decided to reformat my computer, or some such nerdy past time, now I can’t find anything or access my regular programs.  I like that I know where my pictures are and how my msn works.  Now I can’t do a damn thing and its holding me back.


I took my car in for a service.  Honey is working with me for a few months and we put all my equipment in her car today while mine was being checked over.  A few hours later, between visits, we pick the car back up and drove to the edge of the golf course where we pull over to swap my equipment back.  While minding our own business chatting a ball fell from the sky and hit Honey’s car.  Bloody hell that’s a bad shot, not even in the rough but on the side of the road!!  The guy came to apologize and see if he could help.  Honey took his number in case we had a problem but the car wasn’t really damaged.  He was a bit of a spunk however and now we have his number.  (rubs hands together) hhem for Honey of course.

The Begining

It’s always fun to play with a new blog.  I felt I needed a blog to talk about my  “real” life, the one that has a husband of almost 20 years, 4 children a cat with 2 kittens (originally 4 but struggling to get rid of 2) and a mad kelpie.  this however is not as easy as it sounds.  Birth moves into every corner of me.  This morning at 5.30am I was busily snoring in my bed and by 10am I had driven to the beach, filled a pool, filmed a baby being born(with the help of my friend and doula Honey), visited a postnatal and arrived back home where jeremy(the husband)had cooked us pasta for a late lunch.

I am going to try however to put into words the utter chaos that is the rest of my life.


I have purchased a new car.   In November my truck broke down so I hired the smallest car -because that means cheap- to get me around until it was fixed.  In the first weeks I saved almost 500 dollars in petrol which made me decide to get a smaller one.

I’m not really the sort  to have a silver Yaris so Jem started looking for a car that would fit my profile.  The Nissan Micra seemed to fit the bill. Small economical and quirky.  We looked at one’s with a small amount of mileage but in the end decided to buy a brand new model.  They have jazzy colours and I really had a hankering for a pink car so when we saw one on the forecourt of Main North Nissan I was stoked.  We had a good deal, I think they were relieved that someone wanted a pink car, they added blue tooth for no extra cost and  butterflies after I said I’d buy one if it had butterflies on.

Here it is in all it’s glory.

dscf0259 front of car with frog eyed lights The all important butterflys dscf0255

All the photos are of course a little off centre.  I don’t want you to think I haven’t noticed. The pictures were taken by my 9 year old Rex.  It pretty much gives you an initial idea of the off centre way I live my life.

I love this car.  I was supposed to take it for a service at 1000kms.  I was unfortunately at a birth, then there was Christmas and new year.  It is booked in on Monday with almost 4000kms on the clock.  Not bad for 4 weeks.

Introducing ….me

Lisa Barrett
Lisa Barrett

Hello, my name is Lisa Barrett and I’m a British (pedantic mode on – Welsh)  independent midwife living in South Australia.  I specialise in homebirth, but you won’t find much about birth on this blog as I have one that  is completely dedicated to that.

No this blog is not about birth at all, although it’ll be hard to avoid it completely. It’s about everything else. Is there anything else? Mmm, I think I could fit in at least one post a month!