Making time

I’m struggling with this blog.  Not because I don’t do lots of things but because midwifery takes over lots of my life by the time I’m think about blogging the moment has passed.  I’m good at taking the pictures but then rubblish at doing anything with them.

I’m going to work on this lots over the next few weeks as I really want this blog to be an account of my whole life.

All the issues going on in midwifery here in Australia at the moment take up lots of my thought time, as well as birthing with women.  Everyone seems to be at me, the college of midwives the consumer lobbyist, the gossips, the state.  This is probably just my paranoia but it’s how it feels.

My poor family exist all around me, propping me up and filling all my gaps.  I am looking for ways to diversify a bit with more public education on options etc.  Just have to find a way to make   it happen.