Friends with skills.

I received a parcel from a lovely friend Michelle today.  I asked her to make some head bands for me.  Here is me wearing one of them.  They are perfect.


Here is the other thinner one along with a suprise gift from another amazing friend that was included.  A fantastic orange(my fav colour) scarf also made by the same amazing woman.


Also over the past few weeks I have received these pads made by another friend.  I have also had my own variation before but these are bamboo.  I asked for the poppers so I can remove part of the liner without changing the pad.  She made them to order.  How bloody lucky am I to know such amazingly skilled people.


computer rebuild.

Jeremy decided I needed computer rebuild.  He has a new one, back lit keyboard uber memory hi definition, make the bed and clean the bathroom type of thing.  I still have my regular one, cluttered desktop pictures and downloads everywhere and lots of mail.  Just how I like it.

Not now tho.  While I’ve been laid up ill and trying to recover He decided to clean it up, or whatever you call it.  Now I haven’t any pictures or downloads or anything else for that matter.  What Have I gained.  I can now hover and get a potion of the message highlighted on my forums.  Only took most of the day.  Only hope that it can live up to it’s expection of enhancing my forum experience.  Since I’m addicted to the internet maybe it is important. Only time will tell.

Down in the dumps

With so much going on around me I am feeling dispondant.  We are going to be made illegal next year and it is quite a dominent thought in my mind.   I have made myself pretty unpopular in professional circles by refusing to join in and follow the crowd when I believe they had it wrong.  It’s stressful and upsetting.

On top of that recently I have had a client change midwives at 36 weeks.  This hasn’t happened to me before although I have picked up women from the other side of the coin always making sure that it is really what they want and have talked about it with their original midwife.

She hasn’t really given a reason, that’s ok and I have no possession of the birth at all.  Over the months of pregnancy I felt that this woman and I had become friends.  This ofen happens, I have an open personality and it is an intimate time in our lives.   Then I must have taken my eye off the ball and started gossiping and chitty chatting as friends do.  Not realising that this woman wanted more midwifing and less befriending.

I feel embarrassed and vulnerable, disspointed with myself and exposed.

Did I let the political situation and the need to discuss it over take me?  Did I miss cues that were being given to me that this woman didn’t really want to be my friend at all.  I must have.  How unprofessional of me.

This reflection has thrown me into a turmoil of lethargy.  I wish it were over, next year unable to practice, no clients to let down or expectations to live up to.  No authorities chasing me even tho I’m perfectly legal.  I can stay home and sew.

On that subject I bought a new sewing machine.  I haven’t had one for years but having purchased one have already completed my first skirt. Jos has been busy patchworking and bag making.


I have a normal family after all

Maybe I just need a stall at Stirling market and blow the whole midwifery shite.