The balls

The thing I hate about new blogs is, I’m a technical idiot and I have to keep asking Jeremy how to do stuff.   He seems to know it just to spite me.  He decided to reformat my computer, or some such nerdy past time, now I can’t find anything or access my regular programs.  I like that I know where my pictures are and how my msn works.  Now I can’t do a damn thing and its holding me back.


I took my car in for a service.  Honey is working with me for a few months and we put all my equipment in her car today while mine was being checked over.  A few hours later, between visits, we pick the car back up and drove to the edge of the golf course where we pull over to swap my equipment back.  While minding our own business chatting a ball fell from the sky and hit Honey’s car.  Bloody hell that’s a bad shot, not even in the rough but on the side of the road!!  The guy came to apologize and see if he could help.  Honey took his number in case we had a problem but the car wasn’t really damaged.  He was a bit of a spunk however and now we have his number.  (rubs hands together) hhem for Honey of course.

One thought on “The balls

  1. ohh the joys of a life blog! everythings fodder! hope you had a good chrissy and new year…keep trying to make coffee mornings but keep not making it…xxx

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