Hot Hot Hot

Today Adelaide was the hottest place in Australia, it was up to 42 degrees.  After pushing the hospital to give me Anti D for an antenatal and seeing a new client I drove back to the hills to get the family.  My birth on Monday was with a woman who lives at the beach, so we made it a family affair.  Being Welsh I can never quite get the feeling I’m on holiday at a Greek island out of my head.  It was still well over 30deg after dark.  These are the times when I know why we moved to Australia.


Jeremy, Rex,Spike, Honey and Lilly who are living with us at the moment.

dscf0277 dscf02851

I intend to blog about my dreads and the progress in making them.  I had a bit of a set back today however when Lilly asked Honey why I had string in my hair and how do you get it out?    Progress hasn’t been quick I know but all the same I like to think they look ok!!!

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