I’ve been trying to grow dreads for a few months.  Apparently they are supposed to take well.  Why the Hell wont mine?  I’ve tried everything but they just curl up.  I have rolled them, clipped them used a hook to weave it in.  I still look like a half demented wannabe.  Astrid came and started them for me and explained what to do.  My daughter managed to get them naturally, the only effort she made was not brushing her hair.  Can you have duff hair?  With a band on they do look half decent but they aren’t really.

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So can anyone tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong here?

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  1. Hey Lisa,
    So growing dreads takes a while, perhaps up to a couple of years for full locking up with the “neglect” method.
    Tips for this way of dreading- wear & sleep in a wool tam (the friction makes hair knottier-dreadier), no silicone based shampoos, swimming in the ocean, salty water sprayed into the hair and perhaps a little aloe gel on the ones that are forming?. I reckon growing dreads is a real test in patience! I’m more of the instant gratification type, so I went the backcomb way when I had mine and will probably do so again……good luck! xx

  2. Hey Lisa
    Great blog! I am looking forward to reading and getting to ‘know’ you. Looks great- good luck with the dreads, I sometimes wish I was brave enough to give them a go.

  3. Im sooo my mothers daughter when it comes to dreads….i just want to start scratching and washing just looking at them, so for me , your dreads look great!!!

  4. Just neglect baby, neglect…… Don’t wash your hair at all if you can (you will restore your hair’s natural ecosystem after about a month) and roll around lots in bed……maybe hubby can help you with that?? And as they form you gotta keep em separated. And become one with the dread. FEEL them happening and they will eventually. And yes, it does take time…

  5. Hi, Lisa I can’t believe i am talking to you I was just listing to your Song When you Look at me. Cause I am doing the Same song for my BoyFriend for his Birthday so i was wondering how did you get the Music in there

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