Taking my mind off it.

After apparently upsetting the liberal party with my blog (not this one) I was pretty angry and fed up.  To calm down this week I’ve watched lots of stuff on governments and all the theories of coruption and have been busy using my hands.

I made my dread hat and scarf from wool I spun dyed then knitted.  I made the scarf for my friend Tania.  Family opinion was that it wouldn’t suit her because it looks like me.  She however says she loves it.  I certainly made the whole thing from scratch.  I have never been overly good at flowers tho. I was both happy and sad to give it away although I did make it especially for her.

Also here is a lovely pudding that Oz made from us.  I love it when he cooks because it’s totally fabulous stuff.  I hate it that he forgets to wash up because he thinks he is a chef!!!






I have lots to say about politics and the way it works this week.  When I think it through I’m going to post it on this blog as opinion rather than clog my other blog with it.


I am getting to grips with my new sewing machine.  I wanted to make a scoodie.  As a prototype I used an old pillow case and and old dressing gown for material in case I stuffed it up.  I used  instructions from the blog blueprints

I am so pleased with the results.  It’s amazing what you can do with some time and effort.  Now I know how to do it I intend to get some cool material and have a longer scarf and pointed hood.


We took everyone to see Transformers after that along with Tex and Jazz the boys friends who are brothers.  Tex and Rex are the same age.  I call them the x’s.   I didn’t go and see transformers I took myself to see My life in Ruins.  Just what I need!!!



I took up spinning after being given a spinning wheel and a fleece from a client well over a year ago.  I am trying to get more adventurous.  I was given an Angora fleece from another friend and washed and hand dyed some to make a top.  It is going pretty well.  I’m hoping to have it finished tomorrow


dscf0315 dscf0312

Angora washed and then hand dyed with denim blue and purple

hand dyed purple and demin blue dscf0309

Spun with a large bobin to give me plenty of chunky bits for my piece.


I’m looking forward to posting my completed work.

I have also been dying wool.  It’s all looking good, now I just need a bit of time to work on my projects.