Taking my mind off it.

After apparently upsetting the liberal party with my blog (not this one) I was pretty angry and fed up.  To calm down this week I’ve watched lots of stuff on governments and all the theories of coruption and have been busy using my hands.

I made my dread hat and scarf from wool I spun dyed then knitted.  I made the scarf for my friend Tania.  Family opinion was that it wouldn’t suit her because it looks like me.  She however says she loves it.  I certainly made the whole thing from scratch.  I have never been overly good at flowers tho. I was both happy and sad to give it away although I did make it especially for her.

Also here is a lovely pudding that Oz made from us.  I love it when he cooks because it’s totally fabulous stuff.  I hate it that he forgets to wash up because he thinks he is a chef!!!






I have lots to say about politics and the way it works this week.  When I think it through I’m going to post it on this blog as opinion rather than clog my other blog with it.

4 thoughts on “Taking my mind off it.

  1. i have wool envy! your wool is absolutely beautiful and the knitting turned out wonderfully!
    i look forwards to reading what you have to say about politics.
    Identifying with a minority for the first time in my short life has taken it’s toll on my optimism in general, but more specifically it’s made me very disillusioned with our political process.

  2. have to giggle at your decision to post your political opinions on this blog instead, because there is no doubt that THEY have an RSS link to this page as well…..
    G’day Ms Roxon 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Eyes off everyone, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my scarf…thankyou so much Lisa for relinquishing it and giving it to me. Perhaps we are more alike than you thought lol

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