Wii tv.

We have no TV,  I am apposed to the propaganda, advertising and subliminal brainwashing that happens.We were loaned one when we arrived in Australia 6 years ago and didn’t use it until a few years later when we bought a play station 2 with a few games.  That didn’t work well in our family so it all went in a box and the TV went back to the shed.

Honey and her daughter Lilly have come to stay for a few months and brought a suit case with a Wii.  Initially I wasn’t keep or even willing for everyone to bring the TV into the house.  I was over ruled and it ( which by the way is at least 35 years old) was brought in and Wii fit set up.  Now I have a profile.  FFS I hate tv’s they drive me insane all that watching and not communicating, but I just couldn’t help it. I wanted one.  Computers are bad enough but this!!!.  I am at heart highly competitive and had to have a go at the hoola hooping and the running, then there’s the tight rope and the yoga…..


Honey, Lilly and Jos singing

We have had our box packed in the shed, it contained Sing star, this was the next thing to come out.  Mic’s didn’t work so today we went all the way to the city to buy some new ones, and of course an extra Sing star game.  I Love singing and 3 hours later, my friend Donna had arrived with Sophie, Jos friend, and we are all busy with “sweet home Alabama” and “The son of a Preacher man”

What does all this mean? well we are stuck with a tv for the next few months.

My Oldest Son works full time and bought himself a screen and playstation 3.  We talked about the pro’s and cons of that for ages before he did it and he bought the playstation first and couldn’t use it for weeks until we all agreed. he has the whole third floor to himself so the others didn’t get to see it).  He doesn’t watch channels but We do all occasionally watch a DVD.

Now we are all obsessed with keeping fit and singing without even leaving the house…. the world is a crazy place.  My crunchiness is going down by the minute, my voice is hoarse and I have to do cardio.  How did we manage so long without these things, and how will we go back to normal when Honey goes home?

2 thoughts on “Wii tv.

  1. Loving your blog Lisa but where do you find the time?

    I can just see you and Craig playing tennis on the wii while I’m in labour….I think that would be his idea of a perfect birth! And maybe you could hone your yoga skills via TV and impress Bronwyn… ah the options!
    Personally I love Singstar and think it could be a great way to pass early labour…. maybe a little bit of Dusty Springfield….

    As for TV viewing, ads drive me (and Craig) CRAZY! I have never forgiven SBS for putting ads in their shows. And the level of American content is just terrifying… But we love films so we decided a couple of years ago to collect favourite dvds for swaps with friends…. It’s an eclectic selection.
    Feel free to borrow some from us sometime…

    x Em

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