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For the past 2 days I have been out with a labouring woman.  I am writing this after having no sleep since Saturday night. When I arrived home my husband had been in charge of our 4 plus Oz’s girlfriend.  Sophie and Aiden who are Jos and Rex’s friends and Honey’s daughter Lilly.  He’d made a huge pot of buttered chicken enough for all of us including Honey myself and my friend Donna (sophie and Aiden’s mother) who had all been at work.  He can sometimes surprise me with his nature.

Two major events happened while I was away.

1.   Oz cleared his room!  There was a terrible smell in the house as he’d had lots of curdled milk and ransid food up there.  The rest of the childrens reaction was to use  an avoidance technique


2. Spike finally lost a tooth.  He has been desperate for a tooth to fall out of his mouth.  He is the only kid he knows that this hadn’t happened to.  He was so proud of it and the fact that he pulled it out.  We have no more children left to lose their first teeth and I missed it.  He asked me if I wanted to buy it for 2 dollars.  The tooth fairy dream seems to have by passed him.


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  1. Spike sounds like Krista- she is wobbling her top tooth like crazy hoping for it to come out soon, and it is on this strange, wonky angle…. makes me sick! She is at my sisters house for a sleepover tonight, and I just know it is going to come out whilst she is there.

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