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We have moved house.  We are now living in Balhannah, a little further into the Adelaide Hills.  It was a major project. We hired a van for 3 days to move everything but the big furniture.  On the last day we had friends come and help to get all the regular furniture to the house.  We managed EVERYTHING including our pianola which weighs well over a Ton.

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It’s a log cabin, well it has 5 bedrooms so not really a cabin but a log home.  The area is not quite as fire prone but I’m sure we wouldn’t be staying to defend it in a crisis.


Here is our new living room.  It’s a living room, dining room, family room area.  This is our furniture.


The above picture is the kitchen area this is not our stuff but a photo taken by the agent. (Note to self. Find amazing skull stools to replace).

I have an office with a separate door and a car port.  I can drive straight up and unload my equipment.  I have a table and shelves so far.  Trip to IKEA is on the cards to kit it out with a sofa and some lovely things.  I know it’s not for anything, I always attend antenatals at peoples homes but I love the thought of my own space and the fact that my papers etc may eventually get sorted.

We also have another living room and a sun room.  Here is the view from the sun room.


We already feel much happier.  The other house never really suited us.  Once again school has come up.  We are today going to look at Oakbank.  Rex and Spike want to attend.  Jos doesn’t but will have no choice if the others decide to go.  Oak bank is an area school reception to year 12 with about 300 children.  In senior school you can do horse racing and viticulture. They have chickens and veggie gardens.  This is what we have been told.  Today we find out for ourselves.  A nice feral school would be good!!

5 thoughts on “Moving house

  1. Nice new digs baby!! Looks very spacious and gentrified…. Hope it suits you better than your old place, and hope the school paradigm works out……or notj if that’s what you prefer. Our kids are loving school, but every day I ask them if they enjoyed it hoping they’ll say no so we can go back to homeschooling!! Lot less taxing on time and more room for spontaneous outings…….but alas! they love it.

  2. love it lisa. we looked into the oakbank area school, i like the fact that they offer those electives too. I also like the fact they can go straight through to highschool from there withought the trauma of starting new (high) schools. Hope you settle in well. xox

  3. Looks great!

    Hope the school visit was interesting. Last year I was a volunteer mentor in their Community Mentoring program which focuses on students in year 8 & 9 that are “at risk” of leaving the school system early. There are normally more students looking for mentors than there are mentors, but a useful program nonetheless. It provides one lesson per week of dedicated 1-1 time with student & mentor in a potentially ongoing relationship for year 8 or 9. The program has been continued even though the funding ran out in 2007, and is generally focused on things other than the academic side.

    With one of my “mentees” we assembled a scale aircraft model, just a bought one. In another case an electric guitar was designed & made. Other times it might be just chatting, table tennis, playing/learning guitar etc.

    The program has enabled a range of community members to connect into the school who otherwise would not, and give something back to the community. (All with the police checks, mandatory reporting training etc.)


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