Fish pond

Our new house has a fish pond.  I had no idea how much work there was.  This pond has a great waterfall and had potential.  We got the water looked at and it was just tap water.  We topped up the pool and then had to put special ph balancer and other such potions into the pool before we could even consider adding fish.


Once the balances were correct we added the 5 fish, all of which are recognisable by their distinguishing  marking. All very individual.


Lastly we added a few plants for effect.  Now all we have to do is hope all this enthusiasm pays off.

2 thoughts on “Fish pond

  1. Hi Pauline, I really am lucky that my husband is a total genius. I don’t spend as much time in this life as I should but we are getting by. It may be much more come next July. There again I may be in prison. LOL
    Thanks for taking a look.

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