My camera has returned.  Well It’s made it as far as the post office so far.  I have to sign for it tomorrow.

I can get back to pictures of everything then.

We have had an unusual week with my closest school friend sadly dying.  She was also my 1st cousin(Well Wales is a small place)and I’m sad that I can’t get home to be with family.

Plus homebirth midwives are going to be illegal next year.  I’m getting on my high horse lots of course. Probably won’t work but I will fight to the death for the right of women to birth at home with a registered practitioner if that’s what they want.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your cousin Lisa. That’s vey sad news.
    In regards to the maternity review, as per my email Craig and I will do what ever necessary to help in the fight – we have started by lobbying our local MP but any suggestions and we will be there loud, proud and with a very large belly (that’s me, although Craig has put on some sympathy weight!)
    I wondered if some kind of media event could be staged during your homebirth retreat when so many wonderful homebirth practitioners will be here? Maybe that will be too late? Hhhhmmmm…. just thinking aloud….
    Also, both Craig and I have good press release skills, media networks so let us know if that helps. Keep up the good fight! xxx Em

  2. What about starting an insurance company for midwives? And other related alternative health practitioners who can’t get insurance coverage?? I’ve only just caught up with what’s going on with the review, and I can’t help thinking an old dream I had may come in handy…… A community co-operative insurance fund, by the people for the people, to break the monopoly and hold insurance has over so many people’s lives. And to cover the people who can’t normally get coverage, so folk can get back to the important business of living and stop worrying about such nebulous crap as insurance!! It’s perfectly legal, and relatively easy to do – need to purchase a license and come up with a crap load of money – I’m sure we could all call in a few favours and locate a few rich sponsors – and then bob’s your uncle!! Then midwives could remain registered, as they’d be insured. There are examples of this kind of insurance, I just haven’t been able to locate them at this time of the night and with so little time to finish off preparations for Tribal Fibres, but I know it’s possible, and plausible, and even probable!! Maybe Rosey could get Mel to donate some cash to start it up…whaddya reckon?

  3. Hellena I have a client who is a chartered accountant and she said exactly the same thing. I thought I’d try and look up the rules (I’m sure there are loads) that we would need to follow.
    I cant believe your show is the same time a womad.

  4. There’s a whole heap of pages on the net about owning and starting your own insurance company…..just need to come up with some cash which I really don’t think would be hard to do. And as for rules? There’s a hell of a lot of them you can bend, and me and my mates could certainly give you some tips on how. Make it a beneficial insurance company!! And yeah, the timing for Tribal Fibres was crap, but we had a helluva lot of people in spite of Womad! And most of the people who would have loved our work were probably at Womad, so the good news is, that next time we organise an event that’s not on a day when people are going elsewhere, we should have a packed house!! It was totally fantastic, and I hope you can get to the next one…

  5. Ok. So first I think we keep fighting but if worst comes to worst then an insurance company is the best bet.
    How much money are we looking at needing? Would this be just an SA company for SA middies? I think I can work toward raising the money but have NO skills in actually organising an insurance company. Anyone out there who can? You can email me at

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