Bloody Camera

My new fabulous underwater camera is already faulty.  I blame Rose and her hen party.  I’m sure that my camera just couldn’t cope with the willy shots (which by the way I couldn’t up load on the the WWW for your benefit).

The battery was very dodgy over the night so I assumed that it was going flat.  When I attempted to charge it up however it blew the charger.

Yesterday I took it back.  After being given the run around I got to talk to Greg from Fuji  who questioned me until he was happy I hadn’t been sabotaging the thing.  Don’t worry I explained the whole strip show thing to him in broad technicolour.  So I have to return it.  Harvey Norman can’t help or replace it,(what’s the point of them, I may as well have bought it on the Internet)and they couldn’t send it back for me because it’s a locked bag address and Harvey Norman don’t post to a locked bag no.  FFS.  I have no camera, how does a blog manage without one?

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