Joc Birthday


Today was Joc 12th Birthday.  We went for breakfact to Muggletons.  Jeremy was in a bad mood and declined to come but we managed well without him. She had a touch phone.  Jeremy was pretty shitty about it but Jos loves it.


This is her amazing breakfast of French toast, ice cream, cream, maple syrup,rasberries and a cherry on the top.  We also had chai tea.


Next we went to the city and she had her belly button pierced.



She thought it was very painful but didn’t really make too much fuss.  Another reason that Jeremy has decided not to speak to me.  OOPS……….

One thought on “Joc Birthday

  1. Nice piercing Jocelyn! And happy belated birthday! What is it with Dads? Do you think it’s a Dad/Daughter thing or would he have cracked it with the boys too……. just wondering. My Dad have very different standards of what was ok for my sister and me and what was ok for his Godson…

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