School’s out, school’s in

We have been homeschooling the children.  It’s going well, although it took a while for the authorities to stop chasing us.  We have been meandering in our own way until Honey and Lilly came to stay and Lilly started school last week.

Spike decided he would like to go.  Really he only wanted to catch up with friends but after days and days of discussion and us looking like we were preventing him from going we agreed and he went back.  Now the authorities are thinking about us again with Rex and Jos.  What a pain in the Arse.  We  have done refrigeration this week as their project and it’s been really interesting.  At school they have done nothing because of the hot weather.

Two days of school and Spike comes in to me saying “do I have to go to school”.  How do you explain to a seven year old the utter chaos he has caused.  Jem and I have discussed (in very serious and loud tones) what is the best course of action.  Rex and Jos are clear that they are happy home schooling and Rex especially has become so much more settled over the past year.

Bloody government, we think we are free but everything we do is controlled by some sort of legislation.

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