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I have decided to untertake the online course for facilitators .  I read the instructions as I noticed it on twitter and on facebook.  Basically is sounded complicated and I’m lazy.  My friend Gloria, said I was lazy and I should join my butt right up to the course so here I am doing  just that.  We have to have a blog to record our progress,  I already have this blog that isn’t being used so it seems logical because I love the look of it but have never been able to get to grips with continuing on.  Partly because my other blog is busy but manly because I am  one of lifes

I''m sure I can do this

I''m sure I can do this

little lazzies.

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  1. Hi Lisa, I have to laugh…I see you couldn’t resist!

    What do you want to focus on during the course? How do you see yourself using this course?

  2. Of course I couldn’t resist. I still didn’t understand the #FO2010 until I’d signed up. DER…. Plus I hate being left out of anything and maybe it’ll be my new career when I have my licence revoked. I am hoping to understand twitter much better after the course but Until It gets more interactive I don’t know what I’ll get out of it.
    My midwife mutiny blog set up is great. I am so pleased with the look and interaction but to be honest my Husband is a total genius. I want to understand more about social media without his input. I’m hoping to be there on thursday if my clients can keep their legs crossed.

  3. Well, now I have more than one blog to go to for both you and Gloria. Who has who under their powers? I am worse than lazy, because I just jumped in without fulling recognizing what I am getting into.

    I am a big faker when it comes to anything online. I get it, but not really. This should be interesting and glad that we will muddle through together.

  4. Hi Lisa, Just for practise, I recommend you go to your Google acct and open a completely separate blog on “blogger” for this course. I’m glad that you’re taking it, too, and you, too, Bettie. I’ll go look at your blog now.

  5. My initial blog was on blogger before it was updated and changed to wordpress so I have lots of experience using it.

  6. Well I think if you are a total newbie blogger is far more user friendly than WordPress, however word press is far more flexible and inovative. Also google have control over the domain and with the new internet laws appearing in Australia if my blog (not this one of course) was reported say by a malicious Ob then they have the power to suspend your blog and you can’t get access to your own material. We now host everything on our own server including the video. That does cost as we have to purchase the bandwidth for every time a pic or video is downloaded but the cost is not too high and worth it to keep total control. (Well in my opinion.)

  7. Hi Lisa – I am also in the FO2010 course. I love the layout of your site; particularly your hand written font. The whole design is very creative. Is this part of the flexibility and innovation you are saying is only possible on WordPress?

  8. Definitely Karen, Changing the html on blogger to customise the layout it far harder. Even my husband who was a top fire wall builder had a lot of difficulty creating what I wanted. There are lots more apps that can be used on wordpress too. I think this creates something that people want to come back to even if the writing is a bit boring on occasions.

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