New rooms

My friend Sally opened her new studio last night.  It is a room they built from their garage.  A work room/studio where she completes her hand made products that she sells at the local markets and some shops.dscf11411

This was the opening party.  We came home at 11pm and then got called to a birth a few hours later.


One thought on “New rooms

  1. Ah, its a small world…. or actually it really is just Adelaide that is very small….
    I met Sally the next day at a book launch. She’s related to my friend Jodie and it was all ‘so you’re birthing with Lisa’ etc which I thought was lovely and homely and then I got to hear some lovely homebirth stories and experiences.
    I’m guessing it was a bit like how I imagine one of your coffee mornings would be that I can never make it to….. one day…..

    See you Friday x

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